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What is the worst name you can think of for a person to have?

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    Dick Butkus

    famous NFL linebacker

    (You KNOW that guy had to learn to be tough)

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    My poor father and older brother were blessed with the first name of Cornelius.

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  • PiK
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    10 months ago

    Real people I have known:

    Richard (Dick) Sacrider

    Amanda Maycock

    Mackenzie (Mack) Hunt (who may be the only man I know who changed HIS name when he got married)

    Also, I have actually been to the Harry Dick building in Danbury, CT...

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  • 10 months ago

    A name that isn't a name

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  • 10 months ago

    DESTINY. Can't stand this name.

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    Lemonjello (lei MON gel oh) I only know of one person with that name.

  • Carson
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    10 months ago

    A Jew named Adolph

    Although I've met a few, a black guy named Tom.


    Imagine the fallout when I started school. The teacher has us intro ourselves. When it was my turn I said "Dumbass". After the nun, yep Catholic School, 1967 regained her composure my parents were called.

    My mom is there, my father walks in "So, what did you do now, Dumbass?"

    Then the priest was called and I was escorted out of the room.

    I can say whatever they said to my father worked. He never called me Dumbass again. Nope. From 1st grade until I enlisted my 'new' name was "Phuking idiot".

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