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If you have a breaker of boiling water at 100C heated by a bunsen burner, what will allow you to get the water hotter than 100C?

-Remove some of the water

-Add more water

-Heat the water more strongly

-Use a different heat source, such as a heating mantle

-Increase the atmospheric measure

-decrease the atmoshperic pressure

-add salt to water

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    Water boils at 100C is basic knowledge, but it's wrong.

    Puter water, with nucleating points, boils at close to 100C at Standard Pressure.

    If you increase pressure, the boiling point goes up. There are actually 3 types of boiling so be careful there too... look up nucleate, critical, transition.

    the boiling point can be calculated by using the Clausius–Clapeyron equation.

    You said "water" so I did not include the salt answer, because then it's not water but saltwater, but yes, adding salt changes the boiling point some.

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    You can add salt. 

    Increase the pressure. That’s why it takes longer for someone to boil water in Denver than in New York. Denver is about 1 mile above sea level. 

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    Pressure will effect boiling points and the amount of heat the water can hold.

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    -Increase the atmospheric PRESSURE

    adding salt will also do this, but to a small degree, about 0.5ºC addition.

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