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Boy names have become Hyper-Masculine due to people giving their daughters traditionally male names, right?

People giving their daughters traditionally Male names such as Madison, Aubrey, Vivian, Mackenzie, Avery, Courtney, Kennedy etc has put a stifle on boy names. Now traditionally masculine names are seen are girly which has made people come up with the most ridiculous sounding "manly" boy names such as:







Soon enough people will be naming their boys Blade and Razor for crying out loud.

Why do people continue to name their daughters Ezra, Noah, Carter, Dylan, Ryan etc but are afraid to give their sons strong  lovely boy names such as Addison or Lindsey? So if a girl has a boy name such as David its empowering but if a boy has a "girl name" such as Leslie he'll  be "bullied  and taunted"? Ridiculous. 

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  • PiK
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    8 months ago

    First of all, I actually do know a young man named Blade, who is currently in middle school and he does get bullied and it is a bad situation. Second of all, I don't think names have become hyper masculine. Granted I only have daughters, but if they had been boys, we would've named them Donald Peter (Donald after Hubby's grandfather and Peter after my father...) and Stanley Xavier (2 names we just really liked). I mean, I know more men named Morgan than women named Morgan for example, and many people now think Morgan is a feminine name. I know at least 2 male Mackenzies as well and even a male Dakota (but he goes by Kody) and have encountered a male Ariel. I just don't get it either, mostly because I don't see it happening a lot, which makes me believe my own thoughts/perceptions are deceiving me.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    I don't think this is accurate. Parents seem to name their children whatever they want, it doesn't have to do with women being given names like Courtney and Madison. Some parents even *have* named their child "Blade." A girl would definitely be bullied for having the name David, so I don't see the double standard.

     ~Kate Yelkovan~

  • 8 months ago

    It's such a double standard. Girls can be given boys names because anything that is masculine is cool, but boys can't be given girls names because anything that is feminine is lame. There's absolutely nothing empowering about a girl having a boy name because it just plays into the idea that masculinity is better. But a boy having a girl name would be empowering because it shows that femininity is just as important, valuable and cool as masculinity

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Lindsey , Addison sound frilly anymore. If you want to make your kids those fine. Personally I love Ryder and Axel. We all have different name styles. Get over yourself 

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  • LizB
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    8 months ago

    Yeah, I agree. There are so many wonderful female names, why take boy names, too? Until I see little boys running around with names like Jennifer and Tiffany, this will be a pet peeve of mine, as well. It's not about gender conformity, but the gross double-standard that boy things are good enough (or even preferable!) for girls, but girl things are never good enough for boys.

  • 8 months ago

    You forgot to list Biden's son, 'Hunter.'

    This is an american thing, where being ultra masculne is seen as a desirable thing, even among girls, it seems. 

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