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what is a good website that will mail me things that would normally end up in that landfills,?

i would want to get thing 10% of the price I would if I got it retail, and I would pay shipping if that's the only thing I'll be paying for, so.. basically I'm looking for repairable bycycles, batterys, electronics, furniture, art, and other Nic-naks I can thank of right now


(things) I (can't) thank of right now,,

sorry I typed this too fast, the first time i did it was perfect but my bing browser refreshed the page and wiped out everything I put down, I even tried to send them feedback about it and it happened again but this time it showed me the feedback screenshot thing and I couldn't go back, when I did it took be back too far

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    Mailing you stuff is far from eco-friendly, and so far as I know, nobody does this.

    The best way to find usable items like this is to know when trash day is and who's moving. You can pick up all kinds of things set next to the trash can for disposal or in recycling bins, from furniture to bikes to LPs to glass bottles to... anything.

    But the better haul is made when someone's moving. We had trouble donating lots of perfectly good stuff and had an open bin with toys, furniture, gift wrap, holiday ornaments, books, flooring, art supplies, sealed bags of pet food, garden soil and peat, etc. I put notices on Craigslist and Next Door for people to please help themselves but not leave a mess, and some of it was retrieved, but not enough. I hated putting all that stuff in a landfill (and having to pay for that) and wish we'd had months to pack up instead of weeks.

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