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Will King Charles & Queen Camilla prove to be great leaders of Canada & the rest of British Commonwealth during their future reign over us?

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    I see our anonymous monarchy troll is back again posing questions that threaten the very fabric of stupidity and send it to new heights. As you know from the multitude of similar questions you, and possible others, have asked repeatedly, while Charles will be King of Canada he will not lead the country, that is done through the elected government known as the Parliament of Canada.  As a Parliamentary Democracy our leaders are elected while the current Queen or King fills the role, mostly ceremonial but with very real but limited powers, as head of state normally through their representatives (Governor General federally and Lieutenant Governors provincially) which are recommended by the Federal Government and basically rubber stamped by the current Queen or King. Financially speaking out current form of government is much more economical than one like the US has, we pay less for the same or better services than paid for by US citizens.

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    No.  Most of the Commonwealth (no longer "British") countries are republics, for which Charles will have no leadership position at all.  There are 16 "Commonwealth Realms," which are quite different from the Commonwealth.  Canada is on of them.  As for how great a king Charles will be, no-one knows.  Many close to him think he will be a good king, but, others disagree.  Time will tell.

    Camilla will be just the Queen Consort, with no official political role at all.

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    Your obsession with this is weird to say the least.

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    Look, clearly the queen is an immortal highlander, so until she finds someone who's her equal with the sword, there's no possible way of knowing.

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