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My girlfriend said that i should get acrylic nails and her friend said I should, should i get acrylics?

She also said if I should, what color/design/pattern should i get?


I know zip about nails

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    Some people were simply born with thin, fragile fingernails. I'm one of them. In summer they can grow a bit longer without breaking, but in winter I have to keep them short, with only about 1/16th of an inch beyond my fingertips.

    Everyone I've heard talk about acrylic nails has complained that when one falls off, the result is very ugly. They have to be removed every so often anyway, to let air and moisture get to your nails. And some people can never get used to having long fingernails, no matter how attractive they'd look.

    Here's what I do: Usually I keep my fingernails bare, filing them into a nice shape every day. Recently I've begun using Essie TLC nail polish, which is supposed to support and strengthen the fingernails. I think it would make a good base coat if you wanted to wear colored nail polish.

    To answer your question: If you do get acrylic nails, why not start out with a soft pink color? That way if they don't feel comfortable, at least you won't be attracting attention fussing with bright red or sky blue fingernails.

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    It doesn't sound like you are too convinced yourself so I would say no. Unless you are wanting them very badly, it doesn't seem worth it to damage your real nails and get caught in an expensive cycle of having to keep them up.

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    if that is something u want than I say go for it.

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    Are you old enough to make up your own mind?

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