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dance laguardia high school callback?

so i just auditioned for dance at laguardia high school today. at the end, they called four people saying that they wanted to see them again, and i was not one of them. however, this woman by the name of ms mathesisus came in and said some of you have already been accepted, some of you have not, and some we need to see again. the dean of admissions also said that the callback is not necessary for dance, as well as on the website. but i always hear people say you can't get in without a callback. if it is mandatory, is there still a chance i can still get a callback? if it matters im in the 9th grade auditioning for tenth grade and i have had extensive ballet and modern training at broadway dance center. PLEASE ANSWER


do you need a callback to get in, because people at the school have told me otherwise?

Update 2:

can i get in without a callback, because the people at the school said it is not necessary?

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    Answer what?  Your question is not there!

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