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At what point do you think it's more reasonable to kill yourself than not to?

At what point is it just insane to not do it.

I have nothing going for me. If the end result is just death anyway, then why should I bother to delay it? Hedonism is not a life goal, and there's no point in living for that.

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    try living the life i live, try it and see how long you can survive, no friends, no girlfriend, you got e to g in gcses sexy ladies don't go out and don't do anything they only do the things you can't do because of gcses and because of aspergers your family ignore you and you gamble because the money you get paid for being unemployed only leaves you with £2000 saved a year money you haven't touched and you can't eat out over £10 a day

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    When suffering from a terminal illness, and unable to control pain

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Because, people are stupid sheep who, most of which, will die in spite, drowning in a tsunami. If you dont pass on your genes who will.

  • Prince
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    10 months ago

    When you are crushed under a truck and they really cannot pull you out because the removal of the weight would collapse you and you have only got a few painful hours left. Or when your disease is truly terminal and you really cannot manage the pain anymore. Or you are going to be captured by Islamists and the end is not far away and going to be worse than anything else, then you should escape fast. 

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    It's never a good alternative. There's an actual purpose in life that is not hedonistic.

    If you quiet yourself and look at why matter has a drive to survive, to evolve, to have a self, an ego identity, and consciousness, or why does matter even exists and become these things, life's meaning becomes obvious. Even after an eternity of time, there still would be no reason for it to exist and become what it is, except for a vast intelligence that had to create it with infinitely complex physics in its design, as it pursues higher evolved levels of consciousness, until it reaches the human form and God's consciousness is complete. And this indicates purpose and meaning.

    Evolution evolves consciousness, and with consciousness the universe is able know itself. There wouldn't be a point for existence if it didn't know that it existed. It becomes completely conscious as a human but is trapped in its complete identification to being a human form and doesn't experience its reality of being formless and infinite. It has to deliberately find its freedom by first knowing that it's ignorant of its true Self. It is discovering that it doesn't know itself that will eventually lead it back.

    Suicide may be divided into four grades, (1) lowest, (2) low, (3) high, and (4) highest.

    The lowest type is a last measure in escaping punishment or ignominy or utter frustration after the individual has tried unscrupulously to satisfy his own selfish desires. Thus one who has committed murder for lust or power may commit suicide when he is caught. Even after leaving the body, such a person does not succeed in severing his link with the gross world for hundreds of years. These individuals live literally as ghosts in the semi-subtle sphere, which lies between the gross and subtle world. They experience agonizing suffering because of their unfulfilled desires. Due to the link which they preserve with the gross world, they continue to desire various gross objects keenly, a desire which can never be fulfilled. This suffering is even more acute than the intense sufferings in the hell-state that the individual experiences after he severs his connection with the gross world.

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    It's a personal decision. For myself, as long as I'm alive, I have something going for me: I'm alive. I have a long list of other things that I would regard as things I have going for me. It's hard for me to imagine a situation in which a person has nothing going for them. I think that most people, who believe themselves to be in that situation, are focusing on the negatives, and overlooking the positives. Life is full of possibility when one casts off their self-imposed chains. Try something. If you think that your life has no value, then what do you have to lose? If nothing else, wander the world in search of something worthwhile, or give your life to some worthy person, or cause, that could use your help. Even if you live a long life, you will be dead soon enough.

  • Honey, I'm a forty year survivor of suicide and, it has taken me thirty more to love my life.

    Just because you feel this way don't mean it's gonna happen.  I've tried many ways and I'm still here.   

    You are still gonna leave loose ends and, hurt those who love you.   :D

    You "CAN" conquer pain!

    Source(s): Try living from within!
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    10 months ago

    I can't see that stage coming until and unless future does not remain uncertain any more...... in other words, so long as future is uncertain, death can not be presumed to be the necessary end result.....

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Let me tell you under what circumstance I would kill myself. Let's say I get bit by a dog with rabies I take the shots but despite me taking the shots I develop rabies. Rather than laying in a hospital bed for a week and dying a really miserable death. I choose to get a 10mg fentanyl patch and put it on my back and to go home and go to sleep where I will never wake up again. That's a circumstance that everybody can understand when you are sure and certain to die in a short time in a miserable manner. Those people should be allowed to have one 10 mg fentanyl patch to take home with them and put on their back at bedtime if they want to go out without suffering. Death in this manner is quite painless you go to sleep and you don't wake up

  • Good point. Get some other goals.

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