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My dentist said all my teeth have to be removed and recommended Teeth implants. Should i do it ?

There is no fixing my teeth. They are destroyed and all in pain. 

The thing is she says i have to go 6 months with no teeth. And i have to wear fake teeth while the dentist creates the implants. Then i get my teeth implants.

 I am 27 years old and i have to 6 months with no teeth?! That sounds insane. I am not 90 years old. 

Anyone on here for implants. What is it like? Should i do it? 

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  • 8 months ago

    you can take the second opinion from the senior dentist, not here

  • 8 months ago

    You are still very young. If you can afford implants then YES - go for it. They'll last for a very long time if you take good care of them. And they feel just like normal teeth. Not sure why you have to wait 6 months with no teeth though, that seems like an unusually long time. Is it maybe to allow your gums time to heal?

    I had a broken tooth extracted and replaced with an implant on the very same day. The whole process didn't take very long at all. I did have to receive an examination and a preparation appointment though over the space of a few weeks. Maybe you should ask a different dentist for a second opinion. I had to pay privately to get my second opinion, because my usual dentist was just going to pull the tooth and leave an empty socket. Which isn't very good because apparently you can lose 30 to 60% of bone volume in the first 6 months. That could mean you might need to pay for a more costlier bone graft before you can receive the implants.

    It doesn't hurt to ask. Best of luck!

  • 8 months ago

    I don't have an implant in my mouth although I know how does it work first of all it quite simple incredibly painless procedure I haven't ever seen a patient who complained from pain during implant operation so you don't need to be anxious about it, they will drill holes in the bone then they will place screws after 6 months of healing a fixed denture will be fixed, yes you should do it because after teeth extraction upper and lower jaw bone will significantly recess due to teeth absence, one more important thing in the upper jaw above premolars and molars teeth there's a sinus called maxillary sinus when the teeth are extracted sinus's floor becomes  near to upper jaw bone left very thin layer of bone, so if you want to have implant after for example 10 years you need sinus procedure in order to fix, hence since you are very young I suggest to go for it, it's completely worth every single quid you pay for, I am sure you will feel more confident with implants.

  • 8 months ago

    It depends what problems your teeth have. There may be massive decay everywhere. You may need many root canal therapies. Maybe you are missing lots of teeth, either they didn't grow or they were taken out over the years. Maybe the gums are terrible (no good for implants either)

    Your own teeth are your own, they grow throughout life, unlike implants.

    The comments that implants will last a lifetime is incorrect. They fail aesthetically and they can fall out after a while. They need MORE care than teeth, they get peri-implantitis.

    I would bet you will be better off in 20 years time if you have minimal implants today.

    I would get more opinions, as Bjorn Zacchrisson says, implants are really good, almost as good as your own teeth.

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  • 8 months ago

    I am 67 and wear a partial type of denture. They look natural and do  a good             job.

    Implants are very, very expensive. I would go the economic route, dentures.

  • Mamie
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    8 months ago

    As others have said, get a second and third opinion.  This is a major decision.  

    Dental implants pro:  you'll never get cavities and your teeth will look beautiful and easy to care for.  They will probably last for the rest of your life.

    Dental implants con:  they'll be expensive.

    And furthermore, you will NOT have to go 6 months without teeth.  You will wear temporary dentures while the implant work is "in process."

    Dentures pro:  they're less expensive.

    Dentures con:  they're a pain in the neck to deal with and they never look or feel like your teeth.  You have to take them out at night.  They can crack.

    BTW, no matter which way you go, it will cost a lot of money.  You might want to look into a medical credit plan.  They generally don't charge interest if you make all payments on time.

  • R K
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    8 months ago

    implants are too expensive and there is no need to wait that long for teeth. you can get dentures. they can pull your teeth and put the dentures in the same day. they will make molds of your mouth and teeth. your dentures will be made before you have your teeth pulled. they will place the dentures in your mouth when they pull your teeth.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Friend getting in plants is a permanent solution once it's done it's done you'll have a mouth full of teeth that won't decay and they won't get cavities it's not that big a deal to wear dentures for 6 months to shape your gums. Your teeth have to come out so you might just as well get implants if you can afford them I sure wish I could

  • 8 months ago

    Any teeth that you get after yours are removed are going to be fake teeth.

  • 8 months ago

    You should definitely get a second opinion.

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