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How to tell if I actually have ADHD?

I have read up on the symptoms and I match all the symptoms of the inattentive type. I have suspected have ADHD for a very long time. However, I am not sure if it is just confirmation bias and I m just trying to use something to explain my lack of motivation and forgetfulness. How do you actually determine if you have ADHD?

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    When my daughter was diagnosed, observations by parents and teachers were taken into account as well ss the doctors own assrssment.

    She was then trialled on medication for a week followed by no medication for a week with teachers not informed. It was planned to ask teaching staff if they had observed any changes at the end of 2 weeks but they all initiated contact regarding the miraculous change followed by relapse before that could be done.

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    8 months ago

    You see a doctor.  Just like every other time you post this kind of moronic rant over and over.

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    I think you must go to a psychiatrist to get it confirmed.

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    The only way to determine if you have it is to go to your doctor, have them assess you and you'll be referred to neurology

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