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Are these foods considered junk food ?






These foods throw your body out of Ketosis and lead to weight gain. Grains are the worst. Filthy, EVIL grains. The most diabolical food ever invented (after sugar) 

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    no, not j unk food, but foods with a high sugar content..

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    I'm keto and while i never liked peas, i like onions and i use them often. I might have carrots once a year? I like them roasted and they are a little on the high carb side, but they aren't going to kill me. I don't eat potatoes and no bread unless it's home made keto bread, which i make myself.

    I haven't been in constant ketosis for a couple years. I have been doing keto for four years and plan to continue. I lost all my weight long ago, but i like the lifestyle.

    Grains weren't invented - they are a natural food source for some wild animals - such as birds and rodents. But we don't need to eat them.

  • Anonymous
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    Depends on your individual nutritional needs.  As an example, potatoes and bread can be bad for a diabetic.

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    No, carrots, onions and peas are all good nourishing healthy foods, as are potatoes in moderation, provided they are not fried and are served without any butter, marge or other oil/fat. Also, grains do not deserve to be demonised, wholegrains are healthy in moderation, although refined grains are better avoided [examples white bread, white pasta or white rice]. Wholegrain breakfast cereal is OK provided you use a brand without added sugar and that you do not add any sugar yourself. Wholegrain bread is also OK in moderation but NO butter, marge or sugar-based spread. Cake and pastries are both unhealthy as they contain high levels of both sugar and fat

    UPDATE I almost forgot. One grain - oats - is virtually a superfood. Oats helps reduce cholesterol levels, they are not quickly converted to sugars. However, they must be served without sugar. It is also better that porridge oats are made with water rather than milk    

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