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Is there anyone who you can/should contact if you have a theory for unlimited energy. Someone who could tell you if it would work ?

I’ve been sitting on an idea since school that I told people and no-one can theorise why or how it wouldn’t work. It’s unlimited energy supply and I wondering if there was any scientific and engineering professionals who take enquires. I’m also interested in not having my idea stolen but I’m happy to find it disproven.      Who Is there to contact? My idea is the same type of power as a

Water mill hydroelectric. 

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  • 9 months ago

    People have tried for free unlimited energy for as long as alchemists have tried to turn lead into gold.  Given that they have all failed and that all of our studies indicate that it is impossible you will find everyone is a skeptic.  Unless you could build a working model WITHOUT hidden workings.

  • 10 months ago

    Many times there are new ideas which will work but are just not efficient enough to be practical. You can go to a college and talk to a physics professor. Or just write it down date and sign it. Then post it on here and get opinions.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    The only way to get protection on an invention is with a Patent.  The Patents Office would not consider any sort of application for an 'unlimited energy' device unless you had a working prototype and could physically prove it works.

    Contact any physics teacher from a school or college.  They'll explain why it can't work.

    Or post a description here.  There are plenty people here who will tell you why it can't work.

    You can’t beat the law of conservation of energy or the laws of thermodynamics.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    It is probably something stupid

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  • marty
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    10 months ago

    Search "sell idea" on a search engine.  The companies that help inventors will look at your idea and see if its possible or not while protecting your idea from being stolen.

  • 10 months ago

    there are plenty of professionals here.

    Given that 1000-1 this is incorrect, just post it here. If you are worried about confidentiality, put all the details in a letter, mail it to yourself registered mail and don't open it. 

    DofE will ignore it, as will the patent office as will most professionals. 

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