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Was I wrong to call out the employees of this store?

FYI I'm a woman of color, and I try to see all sides of a dispute by excluding the race factor as much as possible but this instance I lost my cool slightly. The story is I walk into a designer consignment thrift store in Brooklyn, it was my first time here after being reccomeded by a friend (a white one) she told me "the staff is nice, super stylish / helpful etc" I present myself pretty well in public I wore a kate spade coat and sported a burberry tote bag. The moment I came in they told me to leave my coat bag so they could "no large bags were allowed", NOT ASKED but told, I thought to myself, this must be to make shopping easier, looking back I think I was naive thinking this was "VIP treatment" They took it held it at the front counter and gave me a number. It wasnt until I broswed the store care free looking at the wonderful selection. I had two dresses I scooped up and was ready to purchase it wasnt until I reached the back of the store that it occured to me everyone still had their bags on them some even bigger than the one I had brought. Not only that all the women browsing were white and were ALLOWED to shop with their bags one even had on a heavy BACKPACK. I marched to the front of the store and immediatly told the staff off.


I took to the counter and told the staff off in a confrontatious and firm manner. "I'd like my purse back" I almost slammed the clothes on the counter and said "Keep these I dont want them."before I left with my coat and bag in hand I turned to the staff and said "I saw women allowed to shop with their bags I dont understand why you took mine, I'm never coming back" Left calmly and didn't look back. Was it justified I went off or did I overreact? 

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  • Wilson
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    If you felt strongly about that, then I think you did the right thing. 

    Remember. Heroes know what the right thing to do is and they don't second guess their own actions. Just sayin'.

  • martin
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    10 months ago

    You were courageous and intelligent. Let that be a lesson to them.

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