How can I report Danny who has been posting the same ridiculous response to every single answer on many of the questions on YA?

Theres no option to report responses to answers, just answers. So stupid!!

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  • 9 months ago
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    All you have to do is hover your mouse next to their posting and the word Report appears. Click on it and the abuse report form appears on the screen. Fill out the form and click Submit. Remember comments are also subject to the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

    As a reminder, you must never call out other users on this site. You can end up causing problems for abusers whom you're reporting, even if you suspect them violating the rules. Just report the abuse and let the staffers handle everything from there.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Danny is a fine upstanding member of our community. His answers are insightful, interesting and well thought out.

  • Daniel
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    Calling people out on here is a Big No No Its a Violation of the Yahoo Answers Community Guidelines for Chat

    There Is No Button to Report Entire Users you can only Report there Individual Posts by clicking on the Flag Button

    a Trusted Reporter has to Report the Same thing Before it can be Removed

    Yahoo is Community Moderated the Staff does not Moderate the Boards

  • LAN
    Lv 7
    10 months ago

    At least he isn't posting childish questions calling out other member.

    Your real problem seems to be that you are just a block monkey that can't handle it when some one finds away to point out how bs your questions are.

    Btw. You have no room to cry about this when all you do is troll.

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  • .
    Lv 7
    10 months ago

    You report a post by clicking the flat at the bottom right of any post that is a violation. FYI< calling out other users is a violation, which makes your post one as well. Yes, you can also report comments under answers if you mouse over the area just to the right of the time the comment was posted (X hours ago) the word "report" becomes visible. Reported comments may or may not drop (same as questions or answers), but if they do get removed the user loses no points.

  • You can report comments.  It could remove the comment but the person who gets reported does not lose any points.   So it is useless.  You can write to  However, getting a reply may or may not happen.  Disregard anyone telling you to write to Verizon that is worthless plus Verizon does not run Yahoo but Verizon Media does.  

    The best thing to do on this site is just block them, report them and ignore them.  By writing here the troll knows they got to you and that fills their ego.

  • 10 months ago

    There's a report hyperlink in light blue to the right of comments. Comments CAN be reported.

    There is no approved way of reporting entire accounts. Even if you email both Verizon and Yahoo customer care and include the URL address of the YA activity profile and the URL addresses of one or more questions with the nonanswers, if you don't report the answers, Verizon and Yahoo employees have nothing to work with to trace account activity. This often backfires, or it used to. Since you are emailing Verizon and Yahoo, they can trace YOUR account activity. You are the one making accusations targeting someone else's email account. That's stalking and harassment, both terms of service contract violations.

    It's very possible that NO Verizon or Yahoo employees actually READ the emails. An automated response from Verizon means the email was received, nothing more than that. Staff does NOT monitor ir moderate YA.

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