How do you deal with feeling your a inconvenience to your workplace?

I've never worked in an office before and just started working at one a two months ago as an internship.

Me and a other interns had to complete an orientation with a set of assignments we had to pass or we were kicked out of it.

I feel like orientation did not prepare me at all for my work afterwards. I was placed in a department that works differently then the rest of the office. The guy in charge is really nice and patient, he even raves about me to new people in our department. He tells them I'm a hard worker but I often feel like I'm a burden. I once couldn't complete something in time and he said he'd finish. I felt bad about it because he was so busy. That hasn't happened again since then.

I often get people calling about something I have zero information on because it was never covered. Or I get told that a way I was told to do something was wrong.

I once was assigned to do something but then half way through it I was told another person would handle it. I still can't help the feeling they were worried I'd mess up.

I take notes and write things down so I remember for next time.

I just worry every work day if this is the day I do something that finally gets me fired. I desperately need this job for resume experience and networking.

I was told by others you have to do something really bad to get fired from where I'm working at but I just feel like every question I ask or thing I don't know is one more nail in the coffin of getting fired for incompetence.


Just encase this is asked, no I don't feel uncomfortable with my boss or supervisor. Both are very professional people and have never acted inappropriately towards myself or anyone else in the office. I've felt safe at my work place from the start, I just feel unprepared for the work I'm being asked to do because it wasn't covered in orientation and I don't want to be a burden on anyone.

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  • Judith
    Lv 7
    10 months ago

    It is "you're an inconvenience" not "your a inconvenience."  You need to reaquaint yourself with a good English grammar book.  You're stands for you are.  Your is possessive and used e.g. your house, your book, your spouse.  

    You use "an" instead of "a" before a word which begins with a vowel.

    Also it is "I and another intern" not "me and another intern."  Leave the other person out of the sentence.   You wouldn't say "Me had to complete orientation;" you would say "I had to complete orientation."  The fact that you included another person doesn't change that.

    I sure do hope that your job doesn't require writing on your part but your poor grammar leaves a bad impression.

    You are not an inconvenience but you don't seem to be very qualified for an internship.

    However you are new; you aren't expected to know your job.  You are learning it.  I wish you luck.

  • Bort
    Lv 6
    10 months ago

    That nervousness is actually a good thing to have. There is such a thing as being too confident. Just keep doing as you do and keep working hard and trying to learn things. If you don't know something, ask. Learn and keep learning. Keep getting better and better. The confidence with come.

    It's understandable to be nervous in a professional setting where you're supposed to be a pro and experienced but don't know anything. You don't want to do the wrong thing(s). So ask and learn how to.

  • 10 months ago

    I think you have a misconception.

    The orientation project was likely not supposed to prepare you for the internship.  It was to determine if you have he capabilities to complete the internship.

    I think it sounds like they are preparing you quite well for the professional world. 

    - I have zero information on because it was never covered (welcome to the real world).

    - I get told that a way I was told to do something was wrong (for sure, and then someone else will ask you to do it a completely different way or back to how you were taught).

    There are specific requirements to be classified as an internship - the main one is it is supposed to be a learning experience (and you aren't just cheap or unpaid labor).  Stop worrying about perfection.  Instead strive for quality work, start concentrating on learning and developing a solid relationship with your peers and supervisors. 

    Good luck. 

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    This is something you discuss with your shrink. You clearly should be seeing one twice a week.

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