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What would you do in this situation?

Hello everyone, 

I would really appreciate if you could take the time to read this and answer my questions. 

I suffer from anxiety to the point where it has a physical affect on my body. 

Many people will think know panic attacks are a common occurrence when the body is placed under stress. 

However, rather than panic attacks, I gag and vomit - this is something I cannot control. 

This has happened twice recently - 

I was on a train home when I suddenly felt trapped - this led to me gagging (no vomit) in front of other passengers. The man sitting opposite started tutting at me. This led me to exit what was the last train home at an earlier station, leaving me stranded in an unknown place (I eventually got help). 

In work, I once had to exit a meeting due to the sensation of vomit rising. I explained I did not feel well to my colleagues and exited the meeting. However, I later found out that some of my fellow workers felt I was unprofessional. 

Here are my questions - 

1. Have you ever heard of someone vomiting when they are nervous?

2. If someone started being sick on a train/bus in front of you (not knowing the reason why) what would your initial thought and action be?

3. If a colleague vomited in a meeting (not knowing the reason why), what would your initial thought and action be?

4. How would you react if a loved one told you they were going to be sick right now because of nerves?

Thank you. 

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    Your answers:

    1)  Yes, I know that people develop somatic illness when they are stressed.  There is no reason to vomit but their emotional illness creates the need to. 

    2)  If someone started being sick on public transit, I would move away rapidly because I have no idea what kind of contagion they had.  I couldn't take a chance  on being exposed to it.  People who are ill should not travel on public transportation.  (Of course, no one understands that your symptoms are somatic nor do they care.)

    3)  If a colleague vomited at a meeting, the meeting would be dismissed immediately.  Whomever was conducting the meeting would call for the janitor to help clean up and suggest to the colleague that they go home immediately. 

    4)  I would help them to the bathroom and afterward I would sit them down AND LAY DOWN THE LAW!  They need to seek professional licensed mental health help immediately because they are UNABLE TO FUNCTION IN PUBLIC with this problem and it isn't getting better.  Also, when they vomit, they expose other people to body waste and this is unhealthy and unfair to others.

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    In the course of life, we all end up dealing with situations that are unpleasant. It's just part of life, and we try to put it behind us. My guess is that if you got sick, people would feel bad for you and a little embarrassed, but most people would recall a time when they got sick, farted loudly, belched by mistake, were bleeding and didn't know it, spilled a liquid on their crotch, sat on a chocolate bar, etc. You probably won't get sick, but even if you do, it won't be as bad as you think. If you're really worried, keep a plastic bag with you.

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    8 months ago

    No, I have never heard of vomiting due to nervousness. I have, of course, heard of nausea.

    I have no idea what my initial thought and reaction would be if someone on public transportation began to vomit.

    I know my colleagues. I know who can and who can’t be present at meetings. If a client were present the “colleague” would no longer be part of meetings with clients.

    My loved one would be in counseling until the problem got solved.

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    8 months ago

    What I would do is make positive steps to Improve my quality of life and seek psychological help to overcome these issues.

    1: Nope.

    2 + 3 + 4: I'd be wondering if that person was okay.

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    8 months ago

    I have no idea........................

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