is there a way to hide your vulnerability and ptsd in public places?

just to mention i'm waiting to see a psychologist but there are massive waiting lists right now.

i'm a sufferer of great anxiety and ptsd and often feel i show my vulnerability in public places by easily displaying my emotions...i can get started, panicked, afraid, upset agitated and mad too.....i am a man in my forties and i caused the ptsd myself long ago by having outbursts in the streets provoking a violent attack by 3 men carrying a bat, i got minor head injuries which caused my ptsd.

i'm also a proud man and want to hide my emotions, fear , distress and vulnerability in public, not show do i do that? until i see a psychologist, any tips on how to hide my fear and emotions?

i hate feeling vulnerable because i fear any shady types could take advantage of me if they see it.


any help or tips? like; keeping a straight face in public possibly?

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