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If eat a lot of food with "empty calories"...instead of things like fruits, vegetables, etc., will you be hungrier more often? why?

trying to understand this idea about "Calories" i have read/heard that "calories" are units of energy and it doesnt matter if you eat nothing but buttered popcorn all day to get your daily calories, and that you should not feel hungry if you eat the amount of calories your body needs, but really?


I THINK  (now tell me if this is true or not)...that people that eat a lot of "Fast food" and "Junk food" are hungry after due mostly to the lack of nutrients in their body,,,making them crave more food, but they are eating the wrong foods...and they just eat more stuff like Pizza Hut, doughnuts, candy, etc..but all they really need is to sit down and eat a healthy salad and soup? (as that would give their body's what it really is hungering for?

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    On one level yes. Energy is energy. But that doesn't account for many other factors. The main one being nutrition. If you ate only popcorn, your body would still be craving nutrition. So while you are full and have taken in 4000 calories, you'll still be hungry and likely eat more. So the not- lab-sterile environment of the human body, eating empty calories causes you to take in more calories overall. This has been reflected in the paper The Full fat Paradox where they followed people over a lifetime to find those who drank whole milk were thinner compared to skim milk drinkers because they ate less overall on average.

    Another odd issue is sugary drinks. The belly doesn't get distended with drinks so there is a muted cue for satiety meaning you can drink 10.000 calories a day on top of the 5000 you ate.

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  • 2 months ago

    "empty" calories are not even good for you. Popcorn is a junky food, no nutritional value.

    Fruit can also be empty calories because many are high sugar and high carb foods. You're better off eating vegetables and if you have to have fruit, eat berries of some sort in moderation.

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  • Murzy
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    2 months ago

    eat some protein and you will not be hungry

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