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Is the elderly Queen approving of the cancellation of the lady Beatrice’s engagement party because of the crisis with Andrew of York ?

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    The Party hasn't been 'cancelled'.   It's just going to be a smaller private affair.   I doubt the Queen has been involved in this beyond advising Andrew to stand down 'for the forseeable future'.  

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    these days she is mostly approving her coloring books and cartoons to watch

  • The Queen is sad that the York branch of her family has become toxic but she remains focused on the bigger picture of saving the monarchy.

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    1. Beatrice is a royal princess and does not bear the styling of

       "Lady." She is Princess Beatrice of York.

    2. The Queen has not publicly spoken on this matter. She pro-

        bably understands why Beatrice is making changes to her

        party plans in order to keep it a private affair, away from

        the lens of the paparazzi.

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    It's being downsized, not cancelled. It will now be a smaller, more "intimate" affair at a friends home...most of whom live on huge estates (not council ones) and only big enough to entertain hundreds instead of the thousands that were originally invited. I don't know about you but my heart bleeds for them!

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    The Queen herself is the one who told Randy Andy to stand down from royal duties. She seems to find him disgusting in his sexual pursuits and jet-set partying lifestyle. Therfore, she would not want to have him seen partying, yet again. 

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    8 months ago

    Poor trolling again

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