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Fast Food Incident?

Recently I purchased a salad from Wendys, while eating the salad I bit down on what appears to be a piece of metal. My mouth was full of blood and of course it cracked my tooth. I called Wendys let them know what happened and let them know Im going to the dentist. Unfortunately I had to get a root canal done due to this issue. Wendys insurance Nationwide called me and stated that they will be willing to only cover the bills, and not the pain and suffering & time taken off work. Where do I go from here? 

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    You are entitled to make a bodily injury claim.  Notify Wendy's home office of Nationwide's decision, in writing.  If that does not work, sue Wendy's in small claims court.  No defense attorney would defend Wendy's in a case like this.

    Source(s): Retired claims adjuster.
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    You need help from injury lawyer. 

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    You are qualified for make real damage guarantee.

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    Fast food? More like last food when the coronary kicks in

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    Hire an attorney to sue Wendy's..... people have sued for lesser problems.

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    The only reason they'll cover your dental bills is because it's cheaper than paying their legal team in trail. Ask for more money & they might just fight it all. I'd be happy with a free root canal.

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    Grab the insurance payment and run.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    YA! And a man in a red suite broke in the house to give me gifts all my life fool!!!

    See the grab more money and run is like trying to still show the fool coming in my house all my life and saying i have proof with a pictures of it and using it but how far dose it go with a lawyer. 

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    You could get a lawyer involved and sue them, but the lawyer would get at least 1/3 of your settlement and there's no guarantee you would get an award for p&s and/or lost wages.

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