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If a human turned into an animal would it be bad to hit them?

Just a theoretical question. Say your friend could turn into an animal with magic or something, and you got in a fight with them. Maybe not a serious fight, just a for-fun fight. Could you punch them? Would that still be animal abuse even if they had a human brain? Would it depend on what kind of animal they were? Like, a dog, vs a bird, vs a horse. For the sake of argument, let's say they're definitely allowed to punch you back.


They can't talk because they're an animal but they can still understand you. Think, like, the Animorphs

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  • Laura
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    I would say that it is not animal abuse.  It is assault and battery because that is the legal consequence of hurting another human. 

    This is a shapeshifting person.  It is not an animal.  It is a human who has just changed shape, so they are not an animal because they do not have the brain of an animal. 

    Think of something like in Harry potter, when people shapeshift into animals they are still humans and have human brains even if they look like animals.  So you can treat the animal like you would treat the human.  It is still assault but thats not the point. 

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    I don't know. Is it JUST their appearance that changes, and can they still talk? If it's JUST their appearance that changes, I think It'd be fine. I would not like to have a friend like that though. I mean, what if they turned into one of my animals, and I hit the wrong one? I would want to die if I hit one of my pets...

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    Not bad at all because when all is said and done the prosecutor would have problems saying that the defendant over there turned into a magical being of the animal world and assaulted my client.

    The defendant put on a costume and then assaulted your client?

    No, your honor, he transformed into animal.

    In my chambers please.

    Again the answer is no. I play with my pit bull a lot and sometimes it may look like I am shoving him too hard or he is biting me but the bite is barely a nibble and he doesn't fall down when I push him. If however we could communicate with English and he wasn't a dog in his mind then it's appropriate to act as if we were both human within the context of having a friendly sparring match. 

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    If they were animal they wouldnt punch you back. They would bite or scratch you

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