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+ for chlamydia , two week treatment?

So, I tested + for chlamydia and I started taking my medication on nov. 16 . at the gyno, he said that my cervix was inflamed and thats why the last couple times i had sex i bled. so, I finished my two week treatment and the medication said to take it twice a day. but there was two days where i took both pills at the same time because i forgot my pills at home etc etc. im not sure if that makes a difference tho.. 

so i finished my treatment and it's now dec. 9. i dont remember how long it's been since the last sex of treatment pills but the treatment was for 14 days, 28 pills. so im not sure if my cervix is still inflamed? would i bleed again if i have sex? 

im gonna do the chlamydia test again in two months like the doctor ordered but im not sure if i can be sexually active again? like would my cervix be still inflamed? the doctor appointments can get a lil pricy.. 

PLEASE help. 

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    How would we know

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