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Did Triple H have anything to do with the Montreal Screw job to Bret Hart in 97? If so why hasn't he apologized to Bret?

Vince McMahon apologized , so did Earl Hebner and HBK. But Bret said HHH never apologized

Was Triple H an innocent bystander who didint know anything?

Or did he have something to gain from screwing Bret? Did he plan it?

What about Chyna? She was there that night.

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    If you watch a few docs on it, including "Dark Side of the Ring", you'll hear everyone and their mother claim that they came up with the Montreal Screwjob.  Cornette thinks he did, Russo thinks he did, I think Scott Hall and Kevin Nash have both floated the idea that they somehow Wormtongue'd it into Vince's head, and so has Triple H.  To my knowledge no one has corroborated anyone in whose idea it truly was and everyone thinks it was their own idea.

    Triple H does claim to have known it was actually going to happen though, and was present the night it went down.  I can buy that being true considering Shawn was his best friend and probably would've shared the information with him, and even if he didn't, Shawn wasn't the only person in the company that knew it was going to happen.  We know for a fact that Vince knew and that Earl knew.  Bruce Prichard claims he didn't know it was actually going to happen, and Cornette claims he was surprised when it went down and thought he was to blame for coming up with the idea.  With those two creative minds being out of the loop, and even Russo I think has claimed at times he didn't know it was going down (he may backpedal on that, I don't listen to him), one has to believe that the three men who had to know were the only ones who truly knew.  The rest is hearsay that no one else seems to agree with the facts on.

    So what we have here is a mass Mandella Effect where everyone believes they came up with the Montreal Screwjob, and ironically the only person involved in the actual match who did the dirty deed is the one whose tried to downplay his knowledge and involvement since the night it happened.  Earl Hebner has apologized, but I don't think Bret ever truly blamed him.  Vince has apologized, and even Shawn's made amends.  In truth, those are the only three men that mattered even if someone else came up with the idea.

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    He knew about it, he was in that inner circle, but he didn’t really benefit from it, Chyna probably didn’t know.

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    Nope, it's all the fault of the script writers.

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