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Do they check my carry on bag because I have vape stuff?

So when I bring my vape juice and my vape (novo 2) , I know you can’t have over 3.4 ounces but I was curious if they take the juice and vape out of my bag and look at it or they just simply let it through or do they have to go through my bag because of it?

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    Ok. Carry-on gets more scrutiny. You know the restrictions. If you want to bring your juice on board you know the restrictions for carry-on. For checked baggage, you can carry as much as you want.

    Source(s): Work part-time as a TSA office (who has a growing hatred of Juul and other sh-t ecgarrette manufacturers who advertise to teens.)
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    The juice needs to be in a ziploc baggie with any other liquid/gel items that you have.  If it's not, then they will probably look through your bag.  The vape is fine in your bag, and they've seen plenty of those.  It's not a prohibited item, so that won't raise any alarms or suspicion. 

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    TSA runs all carry on bags through a screener. If there's anything that looks like a weapon or anything that blocks the view, they will open the bag and look through it. Sometimes, they take things out. They once took my little battery operated shaver out and the guy held it up to show the woman behind the screening machine what it was. But normally they don't open the bags. And they know what a vape looks like. Just make sure that juice is in the zip lock bag. You know you have to take that out and put it in the bin separately, right? Here's a suggestion- if you're traveling with your parents, and you don't want them seeing your vape stuff, get in a separate line. Just say, "I'll go in this line- it will be faster". 

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