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How fast can you get a spouse into the US under either a fiancee or spousal visa?

I want to bring over this woman who I've met recently during a trip to vietnam. I believe she is a good match for me and I plan on marrying her. I am wondering how long would it take to get her here. How long would it take either using a fiancee or spousal visa ? Can she get a travel visa and then come and apply for residency afterwards ?? The second plan is a backup plan and I was told that I can do this.

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  • Foofa
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    8 months ago

    A fiancee visa takes about nine months. A spousal sponsorship take about 12 months. If she entered the US with a tourist visa then overstayed that visa she could apply for adjustment of status with your sponsorship but that would ultimately take longer and cost more than just not committing fraud in the first place (because of course doing it that way would open you both up to criminal prosecution).

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    First, it is very difficult for a young, single person from a country like Vietnam to get a visitor visa for the USA. There is a virtual certainty the visa application will be denied, which will complicate hr getting a fiancee visa.

    It is possible to adjust status from being in the USA on a tourist visa to being in the USA as the spouse of a US citizen.  HOWEVER, there is a virtual certainty US Immigration will deny her application to adjust status on the grounds she was never an actual tourist and both of you committed fraud to circumvent the fiancee and spouse visa requirements. In addition to her being ordered to immediately exit the USA she would probably be permanently banned from the USA due to having committed fraud.  

    Just sponsor her for a fiancee visa, if you meet the income requirement.

    You do not need an attorney to handle the fiancee visa.  However, you should get advice as you go along to ensure you don't make an error filing the various documents. Search "immigration rights groups" for where you live to find low-cost sources of advice. 

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    IF you meet all requirements to apply for a fiancé visa, expect that visa to take about a year. Your fiancé must remain in country of citizenship while your petition for the K-1 visa is processed. Notices for her interview, health checks, etc, appointments are mailed to her home in Vietnam, and she must appear at the US consulate as scheduled. Only if she is approved for & receives the visa can she enter US.

    Spouse visa tends to take about twice as long as fiancé visa. You would have to marry abroad, then leave her in her own country for the duration of processing.

    Since Vietnamese have a very high rate of visa fraud, specifically marriage fraud by women, you can expect an extensive investigation, and it is not at all unusual for longer than average processing times.

    Absolutely do NOT attempt to have her travel to US as a tourist, then marry. That's a key sign of marriage fraud. She has to return home before you file for a spouse visa, and expect that to take a couple of years.

    You can go live in Vietnam. If your occupation is needed in Vietnam, you should have no problem getting job with employment visa & permission to live there. Very easy for you to go live in Vietnam. Expats with good jobs live very well in Vietnam.

  • Maxi
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    " Can she get a travel visa and then come and apply for residency afterwards ??" no that would be illegal and she would have to return home because she illegally stayed after her tourist visa, making it difficult to impossible to be accepted for any other visa.

    You have to sponsor the fiancee visa ( which tends to be a shorter time) or marry and sponsor a spousal visa...... and time depends on individuals and their circumstances

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  • Anonymous
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    She would have to apply for IMMIGRATION in Vietnam to come to the U.S.   She is in the same boat as the people coming up from Mexico.   It is the same process.  She is NOT YOUR WIFE.  SHE IS AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN...there is no such thing as a fiancee visa & she is not legally married to you so no SPOUSE.  She HAS TO DO THE APPLICATION THERE AND WAIT TO BE ACCEPTED.    iT WILL TAKE WELL OVER A YEAR.   BECAUSE SHE AIN'T MONEY BAGS. ALSO SO NO SPECIAL TREATMENT. as there should be no special treatment for those that have money.  You are all treated the SAME.

  • Lisa A
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    8 months ago

    You were told to commit immigration fraud, which will get her deported and banned.

    It will take about a year to go through the entire visa process.

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