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Can I still buy a phone even though I owe money at a different phone company ?

I had a track phone but bought my brothers  Samsung Galaxy from him and I HATE it. I miss my iPhone. The phone was already purchased and I just put the sims card in the Samsung. A while back I had an phone through another company but owed them about $900 but never paid it and they shut my phone off. That was before this new Saemsung I'm using at new phone company through this Samsung then the one I owed money on.. would I not be able to get a new phone since I owed money on a different phone company on a different phone and a different plan? I desperately want to get rid of this phone. Is it better to buy an iPhone online through Amazon or whatever then take it to the phone company and get it activated 

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  • 10 months ago

    Well, you got a phone debt of 900$ (possibly more, including the interest that accumulated in the meantime), which is likely to be listed in some database. So if you want to buy another phone on credit and that creditor can look up that database, it's unlikely you'll get the credit.

    If, on the other hand, you buy an unlocked phone cash, nobody will bother.

  • 10 months ago

    partly possibly

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Yeah of course you can still buy a different phone. You won't get a refund on the previous one though.

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