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Why does calling someone who isn't there stupid, bother other people? Please read description?


I made a blunder, and I don't want to simply memorize the rule of "do not say this", but I want to understand WHY this bothered people.  I want to understand the principle behind it, and understand people better.

In front of a group of people, I referred to someone who I used to know, who they never met as "stupid"  I meant it in sort of a clinical way, stating a fact, not to be mean, but after that they all kind of shunned me, and one of them even started treating me like I was stupid.  WHY?

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  • Cogito
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    10 months ago
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    Without knowing what this person did to make you refer to him as 'stupid' it's hard to say.  

    If it was for something which your companions thought was not at all stupid, or might refer to one of them, they could have taken it very personally.I mean, for example, if you said, "Anyone who voted for Trump" was stupid, and one or more of your friends did, they'd be offended.If you mean just generally uneducated, your comment might have sounded conceited or intolerant or  unkind.  I don't know.  Think about the context, who you were speaking to, your tone of voice and the impression you might have given at the time.Maybe an explanation will come to you IF you're honest with yourself.

  • Jerry
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    10 months ago

    If you badmouth this "someone" in this way, how might you be talking about ME behind my back? 

    It's unkind to talk about people behind their backs like that, even if nobody knows the people, even if what you say will never get back to the people. I tend to avoid people who say or do unkind things. It's a character issue. 

    Sorry if this is harsh. You asked so I gave you what I hope is a helpful answer. 

  • Pearl
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    10 months ago

    cause its rude, thats why

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Cuzzzz it’s not polite

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