Am I doing these right? Really struggling with allele frequencies and genetics in general. Please help?

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    Can you transfer into the class of a teacher whose first language is English?

    50.  A.

    Start by eliminating B because evolution does not explain the origin of life.  That also eliminates choice D.

    Look at the table.  You have 200+250+50=500 individuals.  They have 2*500 = 1000 alleles.

    There are 200+200+250=650 B alleles.

    There are 250+50+50=350 b alleles.

    51.  Genotypic frequencies are:

    BB: 200/500 = 0.4

    Bb: 250/500 = 0.5

    bb: 50/500= 0.1

    52. Phenotypic frequencies are:

    We have no way of knowing since your teacher did not say anything about the phenotypes.  Your teacher sucks.  Let's assume that B is dominant; b is recessive;  that BB and Bb are "brown fur color";  and that bb is "white fur color."  Repeating for emphasis:  Your teacher sucks.

    Brown fur color:  (200+250)/500 = 0.9

    White fur color:  50/500 = 0.1

    53.  let p = freq(B) = 650/1000 = 0.65

    See above.

    54. let q = freq(b) = 350/1000 = 0.35

    See above.

    55. 1000 total alleles at this gene locus

    See above.

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