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How do I deal with my boyfriends children?

I have been with my boyfriend for two months. I have two children and he has three. His two daughters are diabetic. I absolutely love his children, but I'm beginning to lose my patience. When my boyfriend and his kids come to my house it's very stressful for me. They are 6, 8, and 11 which is old enough to pick up after themselves. However, they constantly leave my house a disaster. The girls leave their bloody alcohol pads, needles, caps, and insulin everywhere. One morning I found my cat choking on one of the caps and I had to get it out of his throat. They always drink and eat all of my stuff and leave the cans and wrappers all over the house. I cannot afford to replace the things I buy for my daughters and me. His girls will go through my girls closet and wear their clothes home and I will never see them again. My youngest daughter lost her brand new shoes because his daughter wore them home and never brought them back. His youngest daughter throws toys all over the house and never picks them up. She terrorizes my cats and chases them around the house. I have mentioned some of this stuff to him and he had a long talk with them. Some things got better, but there are so many things that he doesn't notice and I feel mean for pointing them out. I really like him and his kids and I want this to work out. My main question is am I being too picky? If not, how do I once again mention it to him without sounding mean? Thanks in advance.


Also, he never cleans up after them or makes them clean. I'm the one that has to scrub play doh and slime out of my carpet when his youngest daughter makes a mess. Plus, she constantly wets the bed and has even peed on my couch. I'm always the one to clean up. Accidents happen and I understand that, but she pees so much in the middle of the night because she drinks my stuff excessively before bed and he doesn't stop her.

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    with a belt to the back side

    If they won't pick up after themselves after you tell them to and you should only need to tell them ONCE then you throw out the stuff that they won't pick up like toys, clothes and the like. Anything else gets put up and they can't have it 

    If they leave trash every where then you make them eat in the kitchen and only the kitchen and they can't have any junk food at all and must clean up after themselves 

    Also locks on cabents and the fridge, if they throw a fit then you tell them that those things are NOT for them and are for you and your kids since you bought it 

    They can't go through the closet of your kids if they are not allowed in those rooms due to them stealing 

    If they throw toys then they can no longer play with the toys

    Since they abuse the cats you need to take a wooden spoon o belt to their backs side. Never, ever allow the abuse of pets 

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    Your boyfriend is a bad father. He lets them get away with it and he doesnt clean up after them if they wont. Thats mean that you gotta clean all the messes. Give them the boot and dont look back. Do not let them ruin your house or put up with their ****. Out the door they go is my advice. This wont work out with the boyfriend end it now

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    Why are you allowing this jackass in your home in the first place, pal? I'd tell him to get LOST, and take his idiot kids with him. It's stupid that you are supporting them- that's HIS JOB as their father, not yours. The two of you aren't married and don't own a house together, and you aren't financially or emotionally responsible for his kids. So why are you letting them in?

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    decide if the relationship is worth the problems and move on

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    You need to set rules. Maybe make a list of rules to be followed in your house soo that your boyfriends children don't forget. They are young, soo you can teach them seperate rules depending on the child (the ones who leave alcohol pads and needles should learn how to clean up after, the ones who leave food trash should learn to pick it up). It sounds like your own children already know the rules, but make sure all kids involved know that the rules are for your house and they're for everybody in your house to follow.

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    I think the best idea is talk to them all together and work out something that will work out for all of you

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    Tell your boyfriend that these issues need to be addressed and that if they are not, his children will not be welcome at your house anymore.

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    Find a childless boyfriend.😉

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    Time for a new boyfriend

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    It has to do with training. Seems like he's a more than indulgent father because his daughters are diabetic but that's no excuse for bad parenting. It's your house, you should probably set rules. If they don't want to follow them, then you might want to think about another b/f. Here are two articles you might be interested in reading on the website below. (G stands for Awake magazine)

    g 4/15 Whatever Happened to Discipline?

    g 19 No.2 How to Be Responsible

    Wishing you the best

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