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Why can’t I tell my dreams from reality? ?

I met this guy about a month ago that I like a lot. I have recently started dreaming about him and at first it wasv way to tell that they were dreams. Now when I dream about him I am having a hard time telling if it was a dream or if it actually happened. For example I dreamt that we were a family with a new born baby boy and when I woke up I truly thought my son would be next to me. And the next night I dreamt of an argument. And I had to ask him whether or not we had that argument or not. This has been happening almost every night. 

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    I am assuming after you get out of this state of dream fog, that your brain kicks in, and you are quite aware that this was only a dream.   If that is the case you really have nothing to worry about.  Dreams deal with realities which are close to the conscious level, and since you truly liked this guy, it would make sense to have dreams about him.  Brain fog, or dream fog only lasts a few minutes and many people experience it.  If it lasts for a few hours, or half a day or so, then you have a problem and may wish to consult with an M.D for help in resolving it. 

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