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Why are WHITE HIPSTERS ironically RACIST?

Short background about me I'm half japanese, half black I have noticible asian facial features and a rich mid skin tone and curly hair I also just moved to Brooklyn from Fresno and I've always admired the"hipster style"however after being here for two months from my small town I've noticed the white hipsters here are somewhat racist. I never felt fully accepted in the community. These white people who dress wear vintage clothes, have tattoos etc typically have a demeanor to me. For instance hipsters who work at a vintage store I like in Buschwick tells me to surrender my bags the moment I walk in before I shop and I notice they let the white ones keep theirs. Theres a white girl at a coffee shop I frequent who gives me an attitude everytime I order and Im so polite to her and when I thank her she rolls her eyes. Some others hipsters I intereact with espcially those who work at book shops and resturants give me sub-par service and are outwardly rude to me just at first glance of me despite the fact I dress similarly to them. I over heard some white art students imitating a Jamaican and Tawaniese accents and mocking them in the park. Some who have "black friends" talk about them behind their back. Shops that have anti-trump signage and "all love no hate" signs outside have racially profiled me. Most of them claim they are all for equality, human rights, feminism and think they know whats wrong with the world, but how can they be when they subconciously mistreat people like me?

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    Deary. ALL minorities are receiving somewhat backlash because of Trumps accidental pro white nationalist campaigning.

    Get the fvck out of New York and bring your a$s back home. The West is the only safe Haven for Libs and nonwhites.

    😄 My kid sis was working at Chevron a few years back. A homeless guy in a Confederate flag t shirt paid for whatever the fvck he bought and said "You're welcome. For giving you guys jobs." 😐

    She's brown, part Chinese and Korean. Her co worker was African Muslim.

    Mind you we are born and raised Americans. 😑 As funny as fvck as this is? It's NOT. It's a sign that the Far Rights think all minorities are illegals.

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    Stupid racist people are everywhere, unfortunately : /

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    I'm sorry for this situations

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    WHAT you doing now ok

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