I have no idea what atheism is. Like do atheists believe there is no God? What is atheism? Please explain?

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    10 months ago
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    Syllabification: a·the·ism

    Pronunciation: /ˈāTHēˌizəm/

    Definition of atheism in English:


    Disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods.

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    Atheist literally translates to "not" theist. You have to understand what a theist is in order to know what an atheist is not. It centers around the "claim" that magical super Beings (Gods/Goddesses) exist. Those who find good reason to accept/believe the claim is true become theists. Those who don't find good reason to accept/believe the claim as true are atheists and agnostics. There are no actual Gods/Goddesses to address, there is only the "claim" to address, which is why atheism is "not" a belief. We "don't" believe the claim to be true because we see no "good" reasons to accept the claim as true. Even most theists know they don't have a "great" case for their position and tell us they have to use faith to cover what they believe to be gaps in their supposed knowledge. When it comes to agnosticism, it still requires good reasons to suspect an "actual" possibility exists, where like with theists, agnostics have no good reasons to suspect any possibility other than appeal to how many superstitiously believe Gods exist. They certainly would not claim agnosticism of magical fairies that share the same possibility of zero. Does this mean Gods can't exist? Not necessarily, it just means we have literally "nothing" to go, for either existence or possible existence, meaning people are just making stuff up right now.

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    Atheists pretend that there is no God -- without any supporting logic or evidence whatsoever. Atheism is the fantasy that there is no God.

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    Atheism is the non-belief in belief in God, or the belief in non-belief in God--whichever you prefer.  I believe that I've made myself clear, or rather that I don't believe that I haven't made myself clear.  (This is a complicated issue.)

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  • Otto
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    10 months ago

      Millions of people who profess no religion nor any belief in a god.

    They are atheists.

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    10 months ago

    all the gods within men's minds are true - all religions are false.

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    10 months ago

    There's this marvelous thing called a dictionary.

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    10 months ago

    Here is it in a nutshell... I do not believe you when you claim there is a god. 

    I don't believe because there are 1000s of religions and denominations that all make different claims about God and they cannot all be be right.

    I don't believe because I have met too many hypocrites who are clearly using religion for their own profit or who ignore their religion when it suits them.

    I don't believe because prayer clearly does not work.

    I don't believe because the 'evidence' for God is all anecdotal and is not testable, consistent, and verifiable.

    I don't believe because the reasoning used by religions relies on confirmation bias and presuppositional fallacies.

    I don't believe because there are better explanations for the universe from science (which is testable, consistent and verifiable).

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    Atheism is an acceptance of reality. Theism is an acceptance of stupidity. Take your pick.

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    Any dictionary explains it... But here is my answer

    I'm a happy atheist... I'm free of irrational fears, delusions and superstitions. 

    Atheists are self reliant. No Gods to help or blame.


    We can sleep late on Sunday mornings...

    That leads to happiness.


    "Religion... so pathetically absurd and infantile that it is humiliating and embarrassing to think the majority of people will never rise above it".

    ----Sigmund Freud


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    I don't know either, and have no way of finding out right now. If you can wait, I'll go to the library and see what I can discover.... be back in 3 hours.

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