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Troy asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 9 months ago

Is usmca an out for moderates voting for impeachment.?

They can imply that the impeachment isn't purely partisan, because they are giving the president a win.

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  • 9 months ago

    The two issues really aren't related........and moderates don't need an "out". 

    They simply need to do their jobs.....look at the evidence and do the right thing. ---same as Dems or Cons. 

    The Dems could have listed 10 or 15 things.........they didn't.  They listed TWO. 

    Because those 2 things, are without question.   Both Trump and  Mulvaney ADMITTED it, in their own words.  They have endless testimony.......they went out of their way to hide what they did......they blocked and impeded the investigation at every turn. 

    There is no way to stand there with a straight face, and deny those two  specific charges.   Matt Gaetz  and Jim Jordan can cry partisanship  all they want.........until their faces   BLEED from fake tears................

    the fact remains, the two charges are TRUE and have been PROVEN- 

    standing there pretending, that's not the case, is just childish. 

    He got caught with his hand in the cookie jar......and no amount of GOP spin is gonna UNDO that. 

    They can cry and bluster, and act outraged, all they want.............

    he was BUSTED.    Stone cold BUSTED. 

    Now do your jobs, and uphold the constitution like you are suppose to. 

    If Clinton was worthy of impeachment, then this is 10 times more so. 

    If you deny that.........then you're just a partisan hack. 

  • Jeff D
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    9 months ago

    Actually, it undercuts the arguments that Trump is incompetent and that his foreign trade policies don't work.  Neither of those arguments will be on the bill of impeachment, but you hear Democrats making them all the time.

  • 9 months ago

    No. They are already working up the ads.

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