One side of double sink drain slow?

Hi, i have a double sink in the kitchen. The one connected to a food disposal drains normal, the one without drains slow. Two drains each has its own U-section and then connect to a single outlet. When the one without disposal clog, I have to use an drum auger for several feet to get it unclogged. However, the pipe itself, before it's joined by the other sink, is no more than 2 feet. what is the reason this sink drain slower then the other one? thank you!

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    9 months ago
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     The "U section" is called the Pee trap(that is the name for the plumbing part.) It should have a collar ring connection near the sink that you can untwist with your hand and another collar nut below the Pee trap on the main drain outlet so you can remove the entire section of pipe with the "U" included.  If it be summer like weather where you be and you got a garden hose then carry the pipe assembly out onto the lawn and stuff the  nozzle up the pipe and blast it so it washes out the gunk in the Pee trap.  Things like gold rings and other stuff stop in the Pee trap and collect there along with heavy food waste...and dirt.  

    Oh, do not tip the pipe over as the Pee trap is full of water.  The water is what Locks the Pee smell on the sewer side and it does not reenter the house as stink.

    If you can't do it in the yard then carry to the bathtub and do it there...and wash out your plumbing.   As it is 2 separate P traps the disposal side is not blocked up yet(unusual) but it is a separate set of collar  nuts that hold that P trap and is done the same way.   Then when clean reinstall and hand tighten.  Nothing is needed as it is self sealing.

    Usually on a double sink set up there is only 1 Pee trap.  The second sink just has a 90 degree elbow to join to the first sink using only 1 Pee trap.   Pee traps cost more money than an elbow joint...but maybe because of the food disposal unit, they figured it would get clogged more often than the sink so would have to be taken apart more often.

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    9 months ago

    Sounds like a pipe is stopped up?  If so there are products one can buy to unplug that least try saves from calling a professional.  Read each detail on the product and make sure it won't ruin your sink/pipes-one can end up with a worse problem.

    Good luck. Also keep on hand these products and also make sure if a filter in your dishwasher unscrew and clean it often.  

  • 9 months ago

    Some times the pipe that connects to the sink that is not the disposal has a baffle in if to prevent a rush of slush from the disposal coming out at the other sink. That baffle might have something clogged in it. Take the pipe apart and look at it.

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    Have you checked to see if the disposal side is simply draining into the disposal (as a reservoir) and then more slowly out of there? We have some inexpensive drain strainers on top of our kitchen drains that have greatly reduced blockages.

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