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Is  he just being polite?

I have been running into a guy frequently on my college campus, and we have met previously met at a friend's parties. Since then, we have been waving/saying hi, and smiling whenever we see each other. We would chat briefly every now and then.

Now, yesterday, he asked to eat lunch with me when I was eating lunch on my own in the cafeteria. We don't know each other well, so we tried to get to know each other but there were few awkward pauses.

He is in the class above me, and he had no reason to sit with me because there were other spots, and we barely know each other. Is he just trying to be polite/ nice or is he interested in more than friendship? What do u think? Does he just think that I am a nice person and he just wants company?

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    Well if he went out of his way to ask you if you want to eat with him or if he could eat with you, that's over and beyond.  Especially if there are other spots or areas where he could eat.  It is quite possible that you both don't know each other well.  That is fine.  He might be interested in learning more about you and getting to know you.  Just start off with that, unless you are not interested in learning more about him or you don't care for him or like him.

    This may not be a romantic thing yet.  It could be just becoming friends.  Think about how anyone becomes friends regardless of gender?  It's talking, connecting, learning, hanging out, and doing things together.  It can be strictly platonic.  

    Let it be just that for now till either you feel you want to make a romantic connection or you want to end the relationship/friendship due to incompatibility or differences in opinion etc.

    Otherwise only way for you to know any of the answers to your questions is to ask him.

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