Generosity: a liability when the receiver then sees it as entitlement and/or when the giver then reframes it as a favour to be reciprocated?

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    Not necessarily true, but what is true is that a question mark placed at the end of a statement does not make it into a question. You have been reported for not asking a question. If you don't know how to write an interrogative sentence, please go back to the 3rd grade and pay attention this time. . 

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    I'm responding here to your comment because of problems I've been having since the Y!A format change:

    My mind is the only thing that my mind experiences directly. If I honestly think I like chocolate, that reality is defined by my thought. Realities that exist outside of my mind are not defined by my thoughts. All my other so-called knowledge is in doubt; it is only my best guess, based on my interpretations of sensory stimuli. I might feel very certain, or very uncertain, but never one hundred percent. I might feel more certain than I should or less certain. My best guess might be good or bad. I might have a lot to go on, or only a little. Even if I have a lot, I might be missing some bit of information that would lead me to different interpretations. I think I do a pretty good job of owning up to my fallibility. My abilities are limited. The information to which I am privy is limited. I admit all these things. I wish more people would do the same.

  • Never perceive Goodness in this dim Light.  Never give if you 'expect' reciprocation.  It will curdle every time.

    Give cause you want to.  If it comes back or not, be happy you can.  If someone takes from you anymore than this, it is because 'you' allowed them to.

    What goes around, comes back around - ten-fold.  :D

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    Not a Question.

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    Generosity is purposeless callousness if there is no sensing of whatever entitlement of the receiver or there is no expectations whatsoever of reciprocation..... in other words, it needs to be directed towards deserving cases only.

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