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Is loosing 10 pounds in 2 weeks unhealthy?

some background: was 250 pounds, I'm 16, started trying to lose weight took me like 2 months to drop 10 pounds, then I dropped another 10 but in 2 weeks. I eat significantly less probably eating around 1200 calories a day, and I work out for 1-2 hours for 4-6 days a week. Feel fine, just wanna know if it's okay because I normally see things like 2 pounds a week is considered more extreme whilst I'm loosing 10 in 2 weeks.

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    LOSING (not "loosing", which is not a word) 10 lbs in 2 wks was most likely the byproduct of your previous 2 months + 2 wks of calorie reduction and exercise. It's not odd for weight loss to be slow and then all of the sudden you drop several pounds (as if overnight). 

    HOWEVER, 1200 calories a day is TOO LOW. What happens when you don't consume enough calories is your body uses fat AND muscle for energy (you DO NOT want to lose muscle). The muscle loss causes your metabolism to slow down, which means you burn fewer calories at rest and your body stores fat at a lower calorie intake than when it had more muscle.

    Take a look at the calorie needs calculator here  Type in your specific information and it will tell you how many calories you need to be consuming for weight maintenance or fat loss. The number of calories you need will change based on your weight and your activity level, so re-check the calculator frequently (esp if you've dropped a few pounds or are working out more or less often). A 1200 calorie diet is okay for a small woman, not a 200 pound woman (even if you are short).

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    The more you have to lose the easier it comes off in the beginning. It's mostly water weight being lost.

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