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Tips on potty training puppy?

I have a 4 month old puppy and we are litter training her for many reasons. 1- she is a toy breed. 2- we live in NC and the winters are terrible. The vet agrees it’s a great choice for her. 3- when we first got her she had parvo and we got her healthy again, but she wasn’t allowed to go outside for awhile. So we decided to go with litter training.

She uses her litter box very well. We have made her her own living pen. A bed, toys, food&water (she has a hard time eating because she gets too distracted by my kids, so she has to have her food in her “pen”) and lastly her litter box.

The problem is when we take her out to play she is EXTREMELY excited. She can’t sit still. She doesn’t want to be held. She wants to run free, but as soon as we put her down, within 1-2 mins she pees on the floor! 

This is our first puppy so while I have done research on this, it doesn’t seem to work with her. 

How can I calm her down a bit so we can play and hold her without her running off and peeing? 

She wasn’t allowed to have treats for awhile so we are just introducing them to her. I put her in the litter box and tell to go potty, but she hops out. I do this for 15 mins with her to try to get her to potty BEFORE we take her out to play, but she refuses. 

Tips & tricks welcome.

Thank you. 

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    Move the litter box into the play area before you take her out.  AS SOON AS she starts to pee, pick her up and put her in the new box.  (Yes, you'll get peed on a few times.)  Eventually, she'll do it herself, just like the first litter box training.

    She will most likely grow out of the over-excitement, or at least get used to the kids.  When she's been dry for a week or so, you can stop moving the box.

    Keep in mind, if she has constant access to a litter box, she may never learn to 'hold it' very long.

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    Sorry, this housing situation is part of the problem.  She doesn't have enough time OUTSIDE the pen (dogs are not MEANT to live in pens - like LIVESTOCK) and she gets virtually NO (adequate) daily exercise.  So (of course) she is over-excited & as many toy dogs will, she may also have submissive urination.  

    Have you checked with your vet or asked if she has a UTI?  (They are also SUPER COMMON in female puppies).  Due to the pain of a UTI & their small bladders, they are likely to PEE very quickly after the last VOID.  So, she needs to be played with, on a washable floor - like the kitchen - if it has vinyl or tile (vs "wood").  She may need to go out every 30 min to 1 hour (or be put on the BOX) until she makes major headway on housebreaking.  

    She needs daily exercise.  Exercise calms a dog or puppy down.  "A tired puppy is a better behaved puppy, because it has NO choice!"  If she wets after being carried or taken outside, NO PROBLEM.  Wear clothes than can get peed on.Today, across much of NC it was 63-72 degrees, other than in the deep Mtns. so she could have been taken into the fenced YARD for play, or put on a long line.  Winters in NC are very moderate - unless you live in the Mts or are used to south FL.  The Piedmont to the coast may not even get ANY snow - AT ALL!  Do NOT spew "BS" on your post.  That SHI# won't flush, or get you any help - if you cannot even be TRUTHFUL about the weather, where you supposedly reside.Toy dogs DO NOT MELT in rain or cold, any more than larger dogs do.  Accept that and stop treating her like a piece of FINE CHINA.  If needed, she can wear a coat, but she needs to get USED to GOING outside for BOTH all elimination & for major exercise.  She is over the Parvo & does not need to be restricted (to prevent spread) WITHIN your yard's boundaries.  YOU OWN your yard & no other dogs should be IN your yard.I DO NOT agree with litter box training.  It may NOT work as well as you expect, and only works now => BECAUSE YOU PUT HER IN THE LITTER BOX and she lives in a small pen.  Pee pads certainly DO NOT work & are a HUGE pet industry SCAM.  As soon as the puppy gets loose, she is going anywhere now and you "assume" it is due to excitement (and it may, or may not be).  Unfortunately, you have foolishly TAUGHT her it is OKAY to GO indoors - so now she does. You have done this & refuse to undo it, instead of going on (to now) housebreaking her (to GO OUTSIDE) and she will continue to "GO" anywhere and everywhere INSIDE, if given the freedom to DO SO.  You've dug yourself into a hole, that will be hard to climb out of.  WHY NOT ask your vet who so *APPROVED* of this idea, how to fix things???BTW, your house WILL SMELL - just like cat homes with boxes do and may smell a lot worse.... if she decides to willfully go indoors, or MARK indoors.  Yes, some females do mark. Many toy breeds are HARD to housebreak - esp. chihuahua. If you wanted a CAGED pet - you should have gotten a gerbil or bird.  A cage or puppy pen is 100% incorrect way to "house the puppy" just as it is WRONG to crate them for more than 2-3 hours (at this age) w/o a major play, potty & exercise BREAK.  And of course she is missing ALL the dog & stranger socialization she should have gotten.

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    Hire  a professional trainer.

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    You can’t potty train puppies. They are incapable of using the toilet.

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