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Shouldn’t my husband tell his sister no?

When my husbands (& his sisters) grandmother died several years -15years ago -we all agreed on who could have what. Husbands sister had absolutely had no interest in grandmothers Christmas decorations (she actually put them on the curb for the trash to take and I wanted them so I got them) yesterday my husband told me that his sister wants to go thru the decorations and that I need to let her take whatever she wants. I told him no. I’ve been decorating our tree with those decorations for 15 years!! I know his sister. The ornaments are vintage and she wants to sell them. They actually have sentimental memories to me and I’m not giving them to her. Now my husband and his sister are mad at me. Shouldn’t he be standing up for me and tell his sister no?


Thank you for all your responses. Unfortunately, my husband ended up letting his sister take the ornaments off our tree while I was gone one day. I just can’t believe he would do something like that but he told me it wasn’t worth fighting about and it’s easier to just let her have her way and now it’s over and done. I told him that’s why she is such a bully because he allows it!

Update 2:

-I was married to husband for about 5 years before his grandmother passed. We lived next door to her and we became very close. I use to help her decorate her tree at Christmas and she told me where the ornaments were from, history behind them. 

Btw-We spent Christmas at husbands sister house and ornaments were not on her tree. 

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    I think what she did is terrible. She literally stole your ornaments.

    And you should let him know that he is in the doghouse for agreeing

    with your sister. I would be so mad. I would raise hêll.

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    The deceased wasn't your blood relative so you've got a bit of gall here in denying the actual relatives the things they want (regardless of why they want them).

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    I'd tell her that i took them from the curbside trash fifteen years ago and that i'm keeping them.

    And that would be the end of that. If she didn't like it, oh well, too bad for her. I don't play those games.

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    If your husband's sister wants to trash them,  then she has forfeited her say in this matter.  Really, I think she is using these as a powertrip. 

      She should go out and walk the dog.  Just make sure it is her dog.  If you know what I mean?

    Dr. S.  I get confused.   

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    Compromise.  Tell her she can pick out up to 5 of the ornaments and that is all.  You don't know what she really will do with them.

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    Your husband can be mad if he wants to, he's being quite irrational though. Your sister in law had 15 years to politely ask you to re consider give her some of the ornaments she wanted in the trash first, and now she changed her mind?

    Apparently you married into a family of crazies. Stand your ground and tell your husband he can tell his sister to kick sand if she wants.

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    Christmas decorations is something petty to fight over and your husband is in the middle here.  No matter what he does he's taking someone's side so someone is still mad at him.  I avoid that with my husband and work something out with the person myself.

    I put up several Christmas trees every year, I have 6 up this year.  I have enough Christmas ornaments to decorate at least 20 trees and enough decorations to decorate 5 houses.  A lot of the decorations I have were my mom's (who is still living) and if my brothers or their kids wanted some of them, I'd give them to them.  I have one tree that just has stuff my kids made over the years.

    If it meant that much to me, I'd ask how much did she want and negotiate a price. 

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    Yes, I can't believe the stupidity of either of them. They are yours to keep.

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    Of course he should have told her no. Tell him there isn't any way she is getting any of them, you were the 1 who wanted them. You should tell him you will go to court over them and if you lose you will go to court to get yourself a divorce. That should make him to take notice of what he really has to lose.

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    Considering that she was throwing them away yes, I think he should have told her no and not even bothered telling you what she wanted.

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