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A harmonic transverse wave traveling on a cord has a wavelength of 0.1m, a frequency of 400 Hz, and an amplitude of 0.02m.  What is the speed of the wave?

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    8 months ago


    Wavelength (λ) = 0.1m

    Frequency (f) = 400Hz = 400/sec

    Amplitude (A) = 0.02m

    Speed (v) = ?

    We know that:-

    Frequency (f) = speed (v) / wavelength (λ)

    = speed (v) = frequency (f) x wavelength (λ)

    = 400/sec x 0.1m

    = 40m/sec

    ∴ speed (v) = 40m/sec.

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    v = f L = 400/s * 0.1 m = 40 m/s

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