I wanna straight pipe my car?

Whats the perks of straight piping a car

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  • 10 months ago
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    The cops can give you fines which help the city to employ more cops who can give you more fines. 

    I once knew a young guy who had a six inch high pile of fines.  He thought it was funny,  I thought thank you for supporting the city.

  • 9 months ago

    There are NO perks to it. All the noise will even make you tired.

  • 9 months ago

    Waking neighbors, noise tickets, air pollution from taking off catalytic converter, cost that you did not need to spend.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Big booms and big roars. Everyone in the neighborhood will know you've come home.

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  • 10 months ago

    Not passing emissions to renew your license plates

    Losing low end torque off the line because of exhaust back pressure loss.

    Source(s): Mitsubishi Master Tech
  • John
    Lv 6
    10 months ago

    A car engine needs back pressure to work properly. I see no plus side for straight pipes.

  • Lee
    Lv 4
    10 months ago

    Lower back pressure so more crank power. But if you’re not running high CR or have low displacement.. meh...

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