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I was attacked in target by 4 employees for no reason and need to go to court in 2 days. What should i do?  -Details below-?

A few months ago I was at a mall that had a Target my fiance and then we lost each other somewhere there and I went into Target because I wanted to get a tent for camping. I walked over to the self-checkout only to find that I didn't have my debit card on me and I must have left it with my fiance. Still holding the things I was going to buy I walked close to the exit to pick my head out to see if he was just sitting out there waiting for me when I was attacked by target employees she's very large men one female and one small man and I did not resist though they made such a scene as if I was thrashing around and they ripped my sweater and left bruises and dragged me into their back office where I was brutalized by these huge men and called names pretty much and handcuffed to a metal bar. They were giggling and smiling and watching stupid videos on their computer while they waited for police while I was crying and scared and they refused to give you my inhaler whilst I was having an asthma attack and now I have court on the 12th and 2 days and I don't really know how I should go about this cuz I've never been in trouble before. Does anybody have any advice on how I should go about this because I'm over all good girl and have never been in trouble and I don't know how that deal with this. Like what is the process and yada yada


I forgot to mention :

I am a 23 year old 5 ft 6 118 pound female. I had just gotten my cast off from a severe broken arm so i was still healing and these 3 very cruel men were so aggressive with me that its never felt the same. Manhandled

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    Get a lawyer. If you can't afford one, ask the court to appoint one for you. Discuss this matter only with your lawyer. Don't talk to anyone else about it. Don't ask others questions about your case.

    Everything you've posted here (and elsewhere if you did) can be used by the prosecution against you in court. Stop doing this.

    Speak only with your attorney.

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    You should learn to write PLAUSIBLE fiction.

  • Ti
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    You need to hire a lawyer.

  • Anonymous
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    I am familiar with this situation. The World gets smaller every day! What you have posted isn’t 100% accurate. I am aware that you walked PAST the check outs to “pick” (?) your head out of the store. In our State once you bypass the cashiers you are shoplifting. Ask your attorney. I am aware that you fought back - for whatever reason. I am aware that you were yelling and screaming for someone - your accomplice, your fiancé, someone else - ?

    The female was NOT a “very large men.” In fact, she wasn’t a man at all. Again, the female wasn’t a “huge man.”

    The next thing is where was your fiancé while you were being “brutalized” and were “thrashing around”? He never realized you were, in theory, missing and being held against your will?

    “They refused to give you my inhaler?” Yes, they refused to give me your inhaler. What?

    How to go about this? I’d start with a REALLY GOOD ATTORNEY. Aside from everything else you will be fined, you will owe Target restitution for the items you were carrying when you walked past the check out (usually three times the value of the merchandise even if you never actually fled with it), you will be banned from Target for a period of time (and if you enter Target and are identified it’s criminal trespass), you might get probation. I doubt you’ll get jail time.

    When you go to Court take along your medical records/reports concerning your bruises and proof you were brutalized. I’m sure, because you were carrying a tent, no one realized you had a “severe broken arm” and was healing. Bring the records concerning the additional injury to that arm.

    Now that Target is aware that you posted information accusing their employees on the open internet of brutalizing you I’m sure the penalty will be on the high side.

    Have you seen the video of yourself being stopped? It’s pretty interesting. They’ll show it in Court. You’ll be interested in what you remember vs what happened.

    You ARE aware that this address made the evening news, right?

    GET A GOOD ATTORNEY, yada, yada, yada.

    I DO like the part where you didn't appear and were arrested on an open warrant.  Take a toothbrush to the hearing in the event you go straight to jail on the warrant.

    EDIT:  Yes, I'm saying that I SAW this video.  I'm pretty sure it's you.  When it plays in Court, see if the female looks like you.  (Small world, isn't it?)

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    What a load of crap. You tried to steal, you got caught. Now you post the "whoa is me, they hurt me and laughed at me" story and want us to feel pity for you. The smart ones of us reading this crap don't.

    Find a good criminal defense lawyer. If you can not afford one, contact the public defenders office and arrange one through them.

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    The courts will provide you with a lawyers if you cannot afford one. Have the lawyer ask the court if there is a verified claim or complaint before the court, ask for leave to settle the debt with the claimant. Look up Karl Lentz on youtube. Also, move to California, it's not a crime to steal up to $900. They won't prosecute you, you can even poop in the streets and leave your needles laying around. 

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    Every target I have ever been in has two sets of automated doors.

    The only way you could have possibly "just tired to peak out, looking for your fiance that might have been just outside" would be to cross through the inner set of doors - once there without paying you are shop lifting.

    You will need to go to court (no show = warrant for your arrest and default guilty ruling).   You will need to try and explain to the judge and see if he or she buys your story.

    You will either be found guilty or not.  If found guilty, then you will have to follow the court's instructions on what to do - repay store for damages, community service, jail time, whatever.

    NEXT time... flag down an associate... ask them to hold your cart/stuff on the side while you go get your payment card.  

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    10 months ago

    What? WHERE THE F#CK IS YOUR LAWYER!?!?!? You were ASSAULTED!!! You should be SUING THEIR F#CKING ASSES OFF!!! You could make MILLIONS from this kind of sh!t.. WHAT THE F#CK ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?

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    10 months ago

    Is that the best you can do ?  This is the outer limits of your imagination ?

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