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Can anyone give me information on becoming a sheriffs deputy?

I’m a 24 year old man trying to find his lot in life and I know I want to do something in civil service. I was hoping someone could tell me the qualifications to become a sheriffs deputy. I assume they want some form of experience from a previous law enforcement field but I’m not sure as I haven’t been in contact with the Sheriffs office yet. Also I have an entry level separation from the military due to a medical issue that was not addressed while in basic and when I got to a civilian doctor he ran tests on me that the doctors in basic training did not and diagnosed me with hyperactive airways disease. I have not had a serious episode since then but apparently I was around one of my environmental triggers that day. I’m not sure if my e.l.s will disqualify me. Any information can help. Thanks you for your time.

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    Call the particular agency you're interested in.

  • Rayal
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    Your local community college should have some kind of law enforcement courses you can take. 

    The easiest way to find out is to get out of Yahoo and contact your local sheriff's office or county government and ask them.

    Your state should also have that information on their website.

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    Each Sheriff's Office has its own employment requirements.  You need to check the website/s for the agency/agencies where you might want to work. 

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    You're too stupid to be a cop. A cop has to know the law, try law school.

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