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Can you tell me more about Louis Antoine de Saint-Just from the French Revolution?

I really want to learn more about him. Can you kindly help me? 

Unlike many other figures from the French Revolution, he is pretty much forgotten. I can't even find a satisfying amount of information about him from the internet. I couldn't find any Book or Movie that were based on his life. I mean, he was the youngest and most handsome leader of the French Revolution. I guess he became an MP when he was 25 and became president of the national convention when he was 26. Though, soon he was executed along with Robespierre. If he could've avoided execution theres a possibility he would have been the leader of France instead of Nepoleon.

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    Also one of the bloodiest, tyrannical unforgiving, -- the epitome of a "hanging judge". He makes Sharia law look benign! 

    Use the references -- some of them are really good source material. Vinot's book is probably the closest to what you want

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    <I couldn't find any Book or Movie that were based on his life.

    I hope it's just wishful thinking on your part that maybe, just maybe, some who is really into this guy just HAPPENS to be online and sees this question, but I am guessing there probably isn't.

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