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Is it wrong that sometimes I feel like I'd change my sexual orientation if I could? is it wrong that for I'm actually angry with girls?

All my life I've met and known single guys and many of those have been single for their entire life (whether we're talking guys in their early 20s, late 20s and some even early 30s). I'm part of this group too because I've been single for 26 years so yeah.

Women on the other hand, I think I can count on the fingers the number of single women that I know.

Women are generally less desperate than men, usually are more interested in a career rather than dating, don't really care about dating for most of their life, have very low sex drive.

Also there are far more bisexual and lesbian women out there than bisexual or gay men.

I don't quite get it... why?

And you know what's funny about it? guys in general have such low standards when it comes to women but women generally have high standards.

Why does it have to be like that?

Why are there so many single guys, but very few single ladies?

Why are men generally more interested in dating than women?

And why are women in general more attracted to women than they are to men?

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    who you "are" is not a static thing, because who you are changes as you grow and experience different things.

    you should never hate an entire gender, because you cannot blame everyone for the actions of a few of them. it's not as though all women are the same, just like not all men are the same.

    we all choose our own paths in life, and can change direction at any time. a gay person, despite what you may hear, is not "gay from birth", as you may change how you feel as you grow. just like somebody may be sexually attracted to blondes, but may change their mind later if a blonde does something that upsets him...

    basically, just remember that nothing is set in stone...

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    I've been angry at black women for a period of time in my life. Never thought about switching genders. I just switched the race, then nationality, then fell back in love with black American women.

    Then I realized it was me and my thing with love. Not women.

    Once I understood this, my standards change as well as my lifestyle.

    I never really like dating either. Seems fake.

    But then again I never really had a problem with women that I didn't cause.

    I've been single longer than you been alive.

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    Battling through hell and facing your fears - that's what it means to be a man. No amount of complaining can change it. So get to work and start on the path.

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    1.  I don't think that's wrong, you like what you like.

    1a. Sorry missed that one.  Yes, that's wrong!  

    (A lot of the presumptions between questions one and two are wrong in my opinion.  Women are their own little people!  Just like men.)

    2. I don't know that.  But if you don't understand things, don't quit trying to understand them.

    3. Nope.

    (Another presumption I think is wrong.  I know plenty of men with high standards and plenty of women with little to none.)

    4. I don't think it is.

    5. Approximately 53% of unmarried adults are women.

    6. Again, I don't think that's true.  Maybe they're more interested in having sex, but honestly I'm not sure that's even true.  In my experience it's pretty even.  

    7. Not "in general".  Just because you can appreciate that someone is "attractive" doesn't necessarily mean that you are personally attracted to them.

    Work on your game.  Steph Curry didn't become a great shooter by complaining about basketball hoops.

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    Because men are generally ugly. Women look pretty and smell pretty. They also have cleaner standards. Males are just destructive and crazy. I would never go gay though because I couldn't find women. But i can see why females are becoming more hateful towards men. But yet at the same time i see why men are getting tired of women 

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    Please move this from politics to the dating category.

    I'm not going to answer every question, but there aren't more single guys than single women.  Polygamy is illegal, and there are more women than men by a couple percentage points.

    Evolutionarily speaking, females invest a lot in reproduction, so they are evolutionarily programmed to be cautious, make sure they're with the right guy, take it slow, and so on.  Males on the other hand invest very little in reproduction, and so are programmed to seek out as many mates as possible as quickly as possible.  

    That divide is the core one that divides sexual relationships since the dawn of time.  That's life.  No one has yet squared that circle.  You just date until you find someone you love, and then you work at that relationship because it's worth it.

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    8 months ago


    We may be born Male or Female but we could very well be a different Gender Spiritually or Psychologically.


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