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Been feeling fatigued, heavy-headed, and very on-edge?

Lately, I've been driven up the wall.

It started back in September when I began to have a very bad reaction that seemed to correlate with drinking soda, where I'd freak out really bad and feel like I could not breathe, forcing me to lie down and use muscle relaxant meds (Which I stopped after I realized that was a stupid move.) I believe these episodes were panic attacks.

Just before Thanksgiving week, I decided that this problem would only continue if I kept drinking caffeine, and decided to quit it for good.

After this, I was fine for a couple of days, and then on the same week, I began to be assaulted with a flurry of new feelings nearly every day and continuing today. I'll wake up feeling fine, then later begin feeling very fatigued, or like my head is tense or heavy and my thinking kinda numb. This feeling is sometimes accompanied by extreme self-consciousness to the point where I've begun to pay attention to things like my breathing and heart rate, or I feel a feeling of intense urgency, like I need to finish what I'm doing in a hurry; I've nearly panicked due to said feeling.

Yes, I've told my physician about this issue. I'm supposed to receive some heart tests although the last test I did earlier this year showed that my heart was fine.

Yes, I live a fairly sedentary lifestyle, being an avid PC user.

No, I do not have a history of any mental illness, though I have a history of cancer treatment from when I was a kid.

What do you guys think this could be? Thanks.

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    you need to start weaning off the computer and start going outside into the fresh air and sunshine more often.

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