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How are bonus grades calculated?

Hello! So I’m a university student and I’m trying to calculate my final grade in a course. In addition to the assignments and exam there was the opportunity to earn “bonus marks” of which do not take away from your grade, but add to it. I’m right in between two marks a B+ and and A- and that’s a difference of a “grade point” on my GPA which makes a rather big difference. I want to know which way is correct to calculate my grade. 

The respective weights and grades are as follow:

Testable material 1: 20% Weight. Grade: 66.67%

Test material 2: 20% weight. Grade: 66.67%

Test material 3: 20% weight. Grade: 73.33%

Test material 4: 20% weight. Grade 90.00%

Test material 5: 20% weight. Grade: 100.00%

Bonus mark:     1% weight.   Grade: 100.00%

Would the calculation be 

20×66.67+20×66.67+20×73.33+20×90+20×100+1×100) / (20+20+20+20+20+1) = 8033.4 / 101 = 79.54%Or: 66.67x.20+66.67x.20+73.33x.20+90x.20+100x.20+100x.01= 13.32+13.32+14.66+18+20+1= 80.3%In other words would they use a base of 101 or 100 in a class ? Also, I know this sounds so technical but the system at my school rounds down despite the laws of rounding, so the 79.54 actually is only 79 which translates to a B+ at my school, where as the 80 translates to an A-. Appreciate your responses! 

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    I'm going to say the bonus point is on top of your regular marks so the base is 100. 80.3%.

  • Judy
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    8 months ago

    The second, so 80.3.  What kind of school considers an 80% to be an A-?  And there's nothing that says they have to round up, or round the grades at all, so if the cutoff is 80, then 79.anything is BELOW it, but the bonus point put you over 80.

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