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Seniors in s California on Medicare and Paying Part B. what do you think is the best supplemental ins What about SCAN and Anthem?

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    Everyone pays for Part B unless you also have Medi-Cal. The max income to be eligible for that is $1386 for one person. It depends which county you are in. SCAN is an Advantage plan, maybe they also have a Medigap for those on straight Medicare but I dont know. I dont have a Medigap because it costs too much in my county. I go to doctors who accept Medicare as payment in full.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I have Anthem, but it's called Amerigroup in Texas.

    I like it.  I've had lots of medical expense (MRI's CT scans, doctors visits, bloodwork, etc.)  and haven't had to pay a dime.  Had a ER experience earlier this year, and with meds, I.V.'s and all, Anthem paid for everything. 

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  • rick
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    1 month ago

    I think ALL supplemental policy are a rip off. We've gone through a breast cancer and a heart attack, without any supplement policy's, and I don't think my deductible and co-pays were any where near as much as the supplemental policy premiums.

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  • Unless you are not yet 65, it is too late to get it until next October.

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