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Is it normal to get bigger in your late twenties?

When I was 21 I wore a 28 inch waist and small shirts and now that I'm 28 I wear larges and a 34 waist but I wouldn't call myself fat.  

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    Yes. Metabolism slows with age. It's likely you don't burn calories as quickly as you did in your earlier twenties. A 34 inch waist is  healthy, and that's really all that matters 

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  • All depends on diet and if you lift weight and do manual labor


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    What used to be called middle-aged spread. All too common as you eat as you always have but become more sedentary and the toll of things like alcohol begins to show. As many people marry in their twenties by the end of the decade the only thing that is slim is the chance of fitting into their wedding outfits.

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