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How do I manage to fall in between DBags and Chitbags? Stuck in the middle here?

Type A person: aka DBag

Sincere heart of a servant or transparently competitive. Good sport and fair minded. 

Pro social and usually a team player. 

Either self reliant or symbiotic relationship with others.


Very proud of their achievements.

Outwardly conforming, internalizing social norms.

 tend to have very narrow range of reference/life experience and are quick to pass judgement and apply punitive scorn on others with incomplete information. 

Very xenophobic 

passive aggressive as individuals but aggressive in groups.  

Type B person: aka Chitbag.

Very confident and outgoing. 

Social butterfly with a wide but superficial social network.

Charming and persuasive.

Low key competitive, tries to sabotage friends and allies and one up by subterfuge.

What’s theirs is theirs what’s yours is shared.

Always tried to put it on others to be the bigger person. 


Expects reward for good deeds, aggressively tries to force unwanted favors on others. 

Domineering or parasitic relationship with others.

Proud of what they get others to do for them.

I’m a friendly but aloof introvert. High social trust but tends to miss non verbal social cues. Hard working but have a “don’t care” demeanor. 

In short I repulse group A Bc they think I’m type B but attract type Because they see me as type A.

So the people who match my values often avoid me and knuckle me down while I keep getting Chitbags sinking their teeth into my back. 

Have I made any sense at all? What can I do?

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    There always needs to be middle players.

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    10 months ago

    You need a nice boyfriend.

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